A review of Bubbalicious brunch

A Review of Bubbalicious Brunch…


I have to be honest. I’m kind of over Friday brunch, but nobody else seems to be. It is still the thing to do on a weekend. Bubbalicious brunch is one of the more famous Friday brunches in Dubai, and living here for over two years I still hadn’t been, so when I was invited and had no other plans… well it would be rude not to.


Where is it located?

It’s located at the Westin hotel, a great location, as after the brunch you can get a buggy straight to Barasti beach bar to continue the fun!

As you enter the hotel you get a wristband – the colour depending on the package you opted for. They do soft drinks, house drinks and bubbly packages.

You can opt to seat inside or outside, as the weather is so nice in November we decided to sit outside. It had a bit of a British beer garden atmosphere. Fizzy wine is constantly topped up, and for other drinks like cider, spirits and cocktails you go to the various stands around to help yourself.


What sort of crowd does it attract?

I was quite surprised, I had imagined it to be a really rowdy, crazy, party brunch, however it was actually mainly an older crowd there and also some families. I didn’t witness any dancing on tables, vomiting or anything of the sort…


What is the food and drink like?

There was a decent selection of food, but not as extensive as I thought it would be. There was a small Thai section, a fish and chip stand, a carvery and a large fish section. The highlight for me was the desserts and the sweets. There was literally a room full of sweet jars where you could help yourself!

Oh and make sure you go to the ‘nurse’s surgery’ to get given a “shot” (of alcohol of course)!

Bubbalicious brunch
Bubbalicious brunch

Overall there was a pleasant atmosphere, a good selection of drinks and the location is great especially in this weather when you’re seated outdoors.

The brunch itself was rather tame and as the sun set it was time to get a buggy to Barasti beach bar to continue the party!

Overall would I recommend Bubbalicious brunch? It’s a decent brunch for groups. It’s a good choice for a birthday for example. The food wasn’t my favourite, but the drinks, sweets and pleasant atmosphere made up for it!

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