Buses and taxis in Mexico…

So I left Cozumel island raring to escape the American stores and American prices. I opted out of staying at Playa del Carmen- it just looked like another version of Cancun to me. No thanks! So once I was off the ferry at Playa, off I went to the ADO bus station feeling like a turtle carrying my life on my back. Thank goodness it was only a short walk away from the ferry port- five minutes or so.

Anyway the woman at the bus station ripped me off- she put me on the crappiest bus and charged me double for the privilege!! I was so annoyed. Yes it was only £2.50 or something but it wasn’t about the money. So I wasn’t on the nice ADO coach I was on the Maya bus which arrived 40 minutes late as it had a problem en route (erm how reassuring!!) The bus stank. I can’t even explain of what. Of course someone was sat in my seat number and most people were sleeping and sprawled across any spare seats so I shuffled my way to the back where I plonked myself between an older Mexican lady and her belongings.

Soon into the journey I began to get incredibly hot. There was a loud noise coming from the AC vents but no cool air.

Eventually we reached our destination of Tulum. I had written down the hostel name and address and assumed the taxi driver would easily find it. Yes yes get in he says. Only then does he reveal he hasn’t got a clue where it is. So we’re driving up and down the main road, he gets it asks various people but of course nobody has heard of this hostel or address it seems.

Eventually he takes me back to the bus station and as I am about to get out he realises he will lose out on the fare (no way was I going to pay him) and he asks at an information desk. Okay now he seems to know where he’s going so we set off again. We then pull down this dusty side street, pass a colourful building with no sign outside and continue. But we have to come to a halt as it’s a military zone. We turn around and decide to check this colourful building. Now I see the name and it’s a different name, I decide to go in anyway- I’ve had enough of driving around in circles. The taxi driver tries to charge me double the price but I refused and we had a minor disagreement. He was actually a sweet guy as he later returned my notebook I left in the taxi.

Anyway I get to the hostel and finally it’s a proper traveller type hostel rather than a wannabe Marbella beach club! There’s some gorgeous dogs lounging around and the guy tells me “we’re pet friendly and weed friendly”. Haha… I now notice the bloodshot eyes around me. The next line was music to my ears “we have a happy hour where we do free cocktails”. Free cocktails… I’m in!! The first traveller I meet is from Venezuela and the next is Israeli. All very friendly too!

I will see how tonight goes and then I will either stay at the hostel or move on. I’m definitely happy so came to a Tulum though. A few other travellers didn’t sell it to me at all but I think I will enjoy it. I’m going to chill and enjoy, well for now anyway!! It’s so nice not to have a set plan, I love this way of travel! Freedom!!!

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