Cave diving in Dos Ojos, Mexico

Yesterday was an amazing experience of diving in a cave system which has two openings from above from the roof collapsing, hence the name Dos Ojos or in English- “Two eyes”. 

The cave wasn’t always underwater- during the ice age when the ocean levels were lower they were dry and over time formed giant stalactites and stalagmites. Now the climate is warmer and the ice melted, he ocean levels are higher and these cave system are flooded out with freshwater. It was my first time cave diving and my first time diving in fresh water. Wow, what an experience!!! I really wish I had a go pro or other underwater camera to capture the experience as it’s indescribable. But diving through dark tunnels with torches, which light up when you shine your beam of light on them revealing underwater fossils, gigantic stalactites and stalagmites through clear freshwater was so amazing!! It was an expensive experience but one that I might never repeat so for me it was definitely worth the 130usd. 

After our first dive through some of the network of underground tunnels it seemed incredible and scary that above us was the jungle. I asked our dive instructor Sebastian while we were eating a snack “how do we know the roof isn’t going to collapse in onto us?” “We don’t” was his reply. “They will eventually collapse” oh great now I  felt very reassured for my second dive!! But the second dive revealed even more incredible underwater natural structures than the first. I was turning my head trying to mentally absorb the images. We briefly surfaced in the bat cave. This had a tiny opening through which bats came in and out!! A little freaky. But there was only me, Rachel another English girl and Sebastian and it was so peaceful in this cave. We spent time just taking in the  atmosphere and enjoying the peace until we resubmerged and enjoyed the last section of our final dive of the day. Maybe my final dive of this trip. It was such a unique experience and really showcased some of the natural wonders of this world! I love it!!  Google image diving dos ojos and you will get a taste of my experience… 

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