Cenote Cristal and chilling in Tulum…

Everybody keeps telling me about the amazing cenotes in this region- a natural geographical feature common to this region in Mexico. What is a cenote I hear you ask? A cenote is a natural sinkhole- where the bedrock- or cave ceiling has collapsed revealing groundwater- so basically a lake, sometimes at the bottom of a large drop- with huge natural rock walls surrounding the hidden lake. Dos Ojos- the dive I did yesterday was through a cenote which led to the underground cavern systems which we explored.  

Anyway, Saturday night I chilled at the hostel and met a German girl who’s reaching the end of her trip but has been travelling Mexico for around two months. We made a plan that the next day we’d meet for breakfast at eight am and then get a bike and cycle to two cenotes which are nearby…

Well they took a lot longer to reach than we had anticipated. Around 40 minutes later after battling dirt tracks and along the side of the motorway being passed by lorries and wagons we eventually reached the sign we had been waiting for ‘Cenote Cristal’.

We paid our 120 pesos which gave us entry to both cenotes and walked down. Luckily there was only a few others there. The water was crystal clear and surrounded by plants. There was a platform to jump from. We spent around half an hour there relaxing and enjoying the views and peace – dragonflies were flitting over the water, fish were visible from the surface, lizards were scuttling around. It was so beautiful. We then made it over the road to the other cenote – escondida which was also beautiful and clear. Again we relaxed there for a while.

Afterwards we cycled back into town. By this point we were under the overhead glare of the sun and we were both exhausted when we got into town. We went to a restaurant and got some pasta and a juice and after went to a nice coffee shop for a pick me up.

After recovering through the power of food, AC and caffeine, we then cycled another twenty minutes or so to a public  beach where I fell asleep on the sand until I was woken by an overhead drone buzzing away. After relaxing by the waves eventually we decided to head back to our hostel. This was my last night in Tulum before I travel again. Not sure I’m the best traveller, I get ‘stuck’ at destinations and don’t want to leave. The thought of packing and getting a bus and finding another hostel, saying goodbye to the people and the familiarities… hmm a bit too much effort for my liking, all too tempting to stay just one more night which turns into two and so on! I also find I make better connections with people and places when I stay longer and get to know the real place not just the tourist sights to tick off. However, I am desperate to get out of the touristy Riviera Mayan region and see some of ‘real Mexico’…

Me and the German met a few other girls, well women who’d checked into our hostel. One was 39, yay makes me feel young haha. One of them had hired a car (would love to do that so much more freedom) and she had heard about a salsa night on the beach. Sounded pretty cool so despite wanting to get up earlyish to pack and catch my bus outta here I couldn’t say no. Well we drove to this La Zebra place and didn’t arrive until around 11.45pm- hey things kick off late here, or so we thought as it actually finished at 11pm! We were all a bit gutted and instead stood on the beach for a while watching the waves crash onto the shore under the moonlight and then I called it a night while the other girls went into town in hunt of salsa. 

The next day I checked it and actually got a bit of a lump in my throat as au said my goodbyes! I loved Tulum and met some lovely people and had some really enjoyable days. Ah well onward and upwards?!

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