Crazy nightlife and chilling with coffee in San Cristobal Mexico 

Well I ended up having a pretty crazy night out in San Cristobal last night- there’s only a few bars here, so you are almost guaranteed to bump into anyone and everyone you know there. And of course after a few drinks someone you’ve seen in the hostel now becomes your best friend, plus your drinking and dancing partner! Last night I headed out with two guys we met yesterday on the ride back from the village. We went up the steps to the viewpoint of the city where we had a drink and a chat. After we made our way down to the main streets- ended up with a huge cocktail pitcher, and then another… next stop revolucion to listen to live music and drink some more, afterwards we headed to a bar/club. Over the course of the night I met a range of separate groups I vaguely knew including Spanish guy from Bacalar, Dutch guy from the night before haha, Anne- the Belgian girl from the horse riding, an American guy who’d previously rescued me from Dutch guy the other night, and various others, plus some new people. I ended up having the best night! The club/bar was hilarious – stray dogs were inside and people were dancing with them… it was all just a bit bizarre,but so much fun! 
This morning everyone was pretty hungover including myself! Apparently San Cristobal is known as the ‘Amsterdam’ of Mexico… I will leave it to you to figure out why (and it isn’t the canals)…

Today I had booked to do a traditional Mayan steam bath.. ah luxury after my hangover.. alas it was cancelled as only two people had booked so instead I just had a wander into town. I’m happy not always doing something but simply just being a part of the place I’m in. People watching, soaking up the atmosphere, wandering down side streets etc. First stop- coffee! As I was in the cafe finishing my coffee, a seller came up to me asking me to buy some tat. I didn’t even look up just mumbled “no gracias”, and as she stood there waiting I ignored her, again I didn’t even look up. However when she walked away, and I watched, I felt a huge tug on my heartstrings and was suddenly furious at myself for being so cold. She was elderly, tiny with little frail legs and a stoop, and I had just treated her as if she wasn’t even a human being. I felt so guilty, I paid for my coffee, and decided to hand my change to the seller to make some amends. I followed her out and placed the change in her hand- I think she was partially sighted as she initially dropped it and looked confused, but then so happy as I picked it up and again placed it into her hand. The look of appreciation on her face, the heartfelt gracias and her toothless smile was too much for me and I found myself walking away with tears streaming down my face. She was so grateful at this tiny amount- I was happily having a coffee which cost probably four times that. I felt a bit disgusted at myself. How I had just ignored her when she came to me and didn’t see her as a person, but just as someone who was harassing me- I mean how dare she interrupt my coffee. I really felt an awful human being at that moment and I need to remember those thoughts when another seller does the same- many here genuinely are doing it out of desperation- they don’t receive government handouts of they’re disabled or sick or old. And the indigenous people are basically shunned by the government. It’s a really hard life for them. 

Well I’m so glad I came to San Cristobal! I’ve had amazing nights out here, met so many lovely people, laughed so hard and even cried! I’ve ridden a horse through stunning landscapes and come face to face with the local indigenous people of Mexico. I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of this fantastic state of Chiapas, but what I’ve experienced so far has been so much more rewarding than the beaches and nightlife of Cancun- the place most tourists who visit Mexico won’t leave.

It’s my last day here tomorrow, and then I will get the bus to Puerto Escondido- a beach on the Pacific coast… update you soon! 

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