How to be happy 

We all have our down moments, some more than others. If you’re regularly feeling down I advise you speak to a doctor or other professional. But if you’re just feeling a bit.. erm crap, then here’s a few tips which help me when I’m having one of ‘those’ days…

1. Play uplifting music and create a ‘happy’ playlist. Music can have a huge impact on our mood. If I’m feeling a bit down, I put on my radio and tune in the local station which plays upbeat pop songs, or play my upbeat playlist full of cheesy pop songs and dance tunes. When I play these songs I instantly feel happier, and might even have a dance! If you’re feeling down it might be tempting to wallow in sad or nostalgic songs. If you’re already feeling sad, I suggest leaving these for another time.

2. Get up and out! Get outside in the fresh air, go and get a coffee. Don’t stay inside alone with your own thoughts. Tempting though it is. This can drive you into a spiral of sadness. 

3. Do something active! Something which you have to really focus on so you can’t think of anything else! Something adrenaline filled will also give you lots of endorphins. My active hobby is horse riding. Maybe you could try this, or swim, or run, or rock climb, or surf, or learn a new skill!

4. Talk to someone. Make sure you talk to someone in real life. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved. Speak to a family member, a friend, a colleague. Share how you’re feeling. 

5. Connect with others. Try and speak to someone each day. Even if it’s just ordering a coffee, or making small talk with a cashier. These little social transactions make you feel better and open up your world a little. 

6. Do something positive for others- whether it’s volunteering, doing a favour for a friend or giving someone a compliment. Helping others is a great way to not only help them but show that you have sonething to offer no matter how small it may seem to you, for example that little compliment could boost someone’s confidence and really make their day! And you’ve got the power to do that. 

7. Do something for you! Whether it’s going and getting that hair cut you need, painting your nails or going and getting a massage invest in yourself- you are worth it!!

8. Do something proactive. I love making lists. I often make lists of what I want to get done that day and give myself times. Sometimes I even give myself a time to get out of bed! Then I don’t feel guilty about having that hour laying doing nothing. Because I know I will get up at a certain time. Just doing something like cleaning the bathroom or organising your drawers or wardrobe can keep you occupied and make you feel so much better afterwards.

9. Eat something nourishing and comforting. Sometimes when people are feeling down they don’t eat, others binge all day. I suggest having one healthy meal or snack like a fruit smoothie. Then having something more comforting or a bit of a treat. Then you won’t feel guilty. We’re all entitled to have treats every now and then, it’s all about balance. So for example, I might have porridge with a fruit salad for breakfast, but then have macaroni cheese and ice cream for dinner. It’s also nice and relaxing to spend time cooking. 


10. Avoid social media… all too often we can look on Facebook or instagram and feel unworthy. These people have such amazing fun filled lives with romance, friendships, money… you name it. But it’s often not a true reflection and only a snapshot of their lives. Take some time away from social media, a few hours, a day or so, even a week and focus on yourself and connecting with real people in your life. 
What tips do you guys have to be happy when you’re feeling a bit down? 

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