How coconut oil will help you glow from the inside and out...

As anybody with dry, sensitive skin knows, a cleanser can make or break your skin. Using anything too harsh will strip the few oils your skin has and leave it feeling tight and sore. Ouch!

A consistent, basic skincare routine is key to healthy skin. Soothing cream or oil based cleansers are much less harsh than astringent acid based cleansers or foaming, sulphate laded products.

Cream and oil cleansers work well for this delicate skin type. The best way to use them is to massage them into the skin. The act of massaging is important- it will get the blood circulating to the surface and helping to release facial tension. Wet a muslin cloth or cotton flannel with warm water and then wring it out so it is damp. Gently remove the cleanser with the cloth.

All too often shop bought cream and oil cleansers are laden with additional extras- many of which are harmful and damaging to our sensitive skin. Perfumes, parabens… the list goes on. Two of my favourite cream cleansers are Liz Earle and Nuxe. 

My star pick, and bargain buy for your cleanser, is the ‘jack of all trades’ oil whether it be for the hair, skin, nails, or cooking…you guessed it it is coconut oil! I’m sure most people have a jar of this in their cupboard, whether it’s for cooking, a hair oil or for oil pulling the teeth. If you don’t then go and get one! Now!

It work effectively as an nourishing yet gentle cleanser for the skin and it also has natural anti bacterial properties too. But rather than working against your skin, it works with it, adding moisture rather than taking it away as so many cleansers do.

I love digging right in my coconut oil!
Take a scoop of it, rub it between your hands to warm it up until it turns into a liquid consistency. Massage it gently into your face. Then with a warm, damp cotton flannel, wipe away the oil (and with it any make up, dirt and residue). Fab! 

When purchasing your coconut oil, aim for pure, raw, organic coconut oil which isn’t as processed as some of the varieties available.  You know it is good for your skin if its good enough to eat!

Trust me, after using this method your skin will be glowing in no time!

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