I hate flying! 

I’ve been looking forward to this week away for sooo long, work has been crazy busy and stressful and I really needed to get away. Luckily I’d booked my flights to Amman about a month ago so I had that to get me through the weeks at work! 

Cheap flights meant a cheap airline. I won’t name names but… I didn’t have the best experience! As we set off to the runway the plane suddenly ground to a man abrupt halt. I let out an involuntary “oh my god”. The middle aged  Jordanian Across the aisle smiled kindly with a twinkly in his eye “it was just a cat running across the runway”. “Really?!” I responded. He looked back “I was joking” .. oh oops! Haha my idiocy and his comment broke the tension as we waited for fifteen minutes when the pilot eventually announced “thank you for flying with us, as a warning light came on we just wanted to check it out. We’re waiting for a gap in the airspace and we’ll be setting off as soon as possible” Erm what?! If there’s two words I don’t want to hear when I’m sat on a plane that’s about to take off it’s “warning light”. And really that 10-15 minutes was enough to do a thorough check?! The flight actually did go fairly smoothly (apart from the landing) after that, but come on.. who actually tells the passengers that?! 

Anyway, one thing I was happy about is that I could get a glass of wine on board. Not free but I didn’t care! It’s been so long since I’ve had a glass of wine. One thing I miss about the UK- our supermarkets! Especially the alcohol aisle! Probably the reason it made me quite merry as I’d not had any for so long. The man nearest the window got a coffee which was promptly spilt all over the man next to him- ouch! He screamed (as you would it was boiling hot.) Poor guy, and the airline staff didn’t bat an eyelid simply offered him a napkin. Napkin?! He’s probably got third degree burns! So off he went to the toilets where he remained for the majority of the flight. 

We made it safely and I eventuallygot through the slow airport queues where my driver was waiting for me- I knew I was getting in late at night so I’d requested a pick up. All was fine until he basically threw me out on the street, and said the hotel is down the street on the left but he couldn’t stop. So off I walked and I couldn’t see any signs for it. I asked people (all who were very friendly) but most didn’t have a clue what I was on about. Eventually one man did and ran off down into a little alleyway gesturing for me to follow him. Not something I advise but I had no choice. Anyway there in a tiny alleyway with the smallest sign was my Hostel!  

I’d booked a private room and erm, well let’s just say it’s not exactly luxurious! That doesn’t bother me, but I apparently have to ask when I want a shower so they can turn on the hot water, and the light switch is outside the room… Who puts a hotel light switch outside the room?! Bearing in mind there isn’t as much as a lamp inside. Bizarre! It’s also incredibly noisy- Arabs are not quiet people. Sometimes I think they’re shouting angrily at each other, but they’re actually just having a pleasant conversation haha. The owner/managers are very friendly though. 

Anyway I will update all about Amman in another post! So far absolutely loving it! But thought I’d get of my chest the drama of travel! 

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