Iftar- my review of the Ramadan Majlis at Ritz Carlton DIFC Dubai

On the hunt for a good iftar buffet in Dubai I came across one with great reviews and even better a two for one weekend offer! For 215 aed two people can dine instead of the usual 430aed. 

So we booked in advance for a Friday- and I do recommend booking in advance as it was very busy. 

We were seated and given a lemon and mint juice and water. Service was quick and efficient. We made our way to the starters section. The starters were extensive and I filled my plate with a range of salads, hummus and other delights… I was pleased with this section as it had plenty of veggie options!

My dining partner enjoyed the sushi on offer

For the mains, the selection for vegetarians was slightly more limited as most of the mains consisted of various lamb and chicken dishes. Any meat lovers would be very pleased with the choices! However,  there was a designated pasta station where the chef would whip up a pasta of your choice! There was also falafel, Arabic spinach and cheese pastries, vegetable biriyani, roasted potatoes, green beans and other vegetables, and of course the salad section amongst others so I certainly didn’t go hungry!

As always my favourite section was the desserts and I wasn’t disappointed – this iftar buffet had a separate room for desserts. Being an ice cream addict I joined the queue where I was given a choice of four Turkish style ice creams. I went for strawberry and baklava. Yum amazing! I also went for the sticky date pudding with toffee sauce- wow this is amazing. It’s absolutely delicious. 

Waiters walk around topping up water with Moroccan mint tea and Arabic coffee so you will not feel thirsty. There are also a selection of juices and yoghurt drinks at the buffet itself. 

In the background was soft Arabic music adding to the ambience. Children played happily- it is a good family option. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this iftar. The only slight negatives were that as it was busy it could get a little crowded at the food stations and some tables were close together. The decor is also a little plain than you might expect at an iftar in such a luxurious hotel. However the food is fantastic and at two for one it is a bargain!

After the Iftar we wandered along to the sunken garden- a really nice outdoor area which is air conditioned so feels like you’re in Dubai during their winter- very pleasant!

They serve a variety of shisha and various drinks in a lovely setting with a water feature and plants m, this combined with the AC temporarily transports you away from Dubai! 

Where do you recommend going for iftar? 

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