Living off 500 dirhams or 136 US dollars a month in Dubai…

Speaking to some of the low paid workers here in Dubai, I’m always amazed by how they not only survive in such an expensive country on a relatively low wage, but how they also manage to send money, often half or more of their salary home, back to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines or Nepal for their families, their future and where their money obviously goes a lot further…some of them live on a mere 500 dirhams a month here- about £100 or $136! Bear in mind this is a country where living expenses are high- a sweet potato alone can cost 35 dirhams or £7! 

I was thinking about this and how and why it made me feel guilty about my own indulgences. A typical brunch is around 300 dirhams which is around £60, this includes unlimited all you can eat and drink. A bargain! But that is over half of somebody’s living expenses for the month, and I can blow that and more in a single night and not think twice about it. 

I’m in two minds… on one hand yes I appreciate the experiences I have here and all too often they cost money! But I’ve had two years of it now. I’ve been to more brunches than I can count. Maybe I could learn something and appreciate living simply, living with less material goods, thinking about my food shopping and where my money goes… 

These are just some initial thoughts. More to come on this topic and how I’m going to try and save money in Dubai… 

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