Losing my phone in a Dubai taxi and how I got it back…

We’ve all been there- a brunch where your wine is topped up every time you take a sip, and before you know it you’ve drank three bottles. The brunch culture is dangerous… I wonder how many people have got themselves into sticky situations after copious amounts of alcohol- unlimited for three or four hours at a time. 

Thursday night I went to an evening brunch. I remember it started off quite civilised but soon spiralled into debauchery. Afterwards we got a taxi to societe- a fun club which plays 80s and 90s tunes. It seemed such a good idea in the moment, at least I think it did from the snippets of flashbacks. The next image I can recall is checking my bag after we arrived and realising my beloved iPhone 7 plus had gone. Argh!!! I just remember panicking. I asked friends to call it but nobody answered… I stood at reception wailing and pleading with them to help, they called the brunch venue to check I hadn’t left it there- no sign of it. 

My next memory is waking up in bed, checking for my phone which is always next to me and feeling an empty space… then reality (and a hangover) hit me hard. 

Now it was time to call the phone- switched off, check find my iPhone – it was offline. Now what?! I called RTA the taxi company who wanted exact details of the taxi- I couldn’t even remember who I got in the taxi with, never mind the roof colour or plate number. Next stop was the hotel- I begged them incessantly to check their CCTV footage of the night and sent in my description so that they could find me. At first I was fobbed off, but after getting the right person to deal with through sources who can’t be named, they were fantastic and liaised with me via email until they found the exact shot of me getting into the taxi! They managed to capture the roof colour and licence plate – we were in business.

Half an hour later I got an email to call the taxi company regarding my phone. My stomach fluttered.. could it really have been found?! I ran down to reception where the guys behind the desk all asked me about my phone- they were sick of hearing me moan about it now- I had been at reception using the phone at least twenty times. When one almost hung up my call and told me he’d have to charge me I hope my glare said it all. Bearing in mind I live in this hotel and I didn’t have any other phone to call from! 

I rang up RTA and they said the taxi driver had my phone and would bring it to me! I couldn’t believe it! Even the guys behind reception were cheering, probably thinking thank god she’s not running up any more phone bills. 

He couldn’t come until 10pm. At 10pm I sat nervously at reception hoping it would be my phone. 10.30pm still no phone. After frantically ringing him he eventually turned up at 11.20pm- and with him was my beautiful phone. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy! I gave him a reward for his honesty- I was so grateful to be reunited with my lifeline. 

Moral of the story- don’t take your phone to a brunch, if you get in a taxi take note of the roof colour and take a receipt… or maybe just don’t brunch but let’s be honest that’s not going to happen!! 

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