Mayan temples in Coba – my day as Indiana Jones… 

Thursday night I made my way back to the hostel bar but decided to take it easy as I had a grand plan to go to Coba on Friday morning-  home to ancient Mayan ruins amongst a jungle setting. A few more backpackers had arrived- an Australian girl, three Israeli guys and some Argentinians. Well soon the Argentinians and Mexicans who work at the hostel were up salsa dancing. One dragged me up but just ended up laughing at me as I wasn’t in rhythm oh well I tried haha. I ended up playing cards with the Israelis, Australian and the Israeli couple who were already here before I arrived. Not that I was much better at that but it was fun and around 1am I called it a night. 

This morning I was away to the bus station – about a 20 minute bike ride away but there was drama to be had… my padlock for my bike chain didn’t work. I had 10 minutes to spare so was running frantically around the shops to get a new one – I didn’t want to be responsible for buying them a new bike even though they’re not worth anything anyway rusty, broken, no brakes etc haha. With minutes to spare I got one- phew! I got on the bus and as I sat down something hard was digging in me… someone had left their iPhone on the bus- so I dutifully handed it in and as the bus pulled out the station I saw a very relieved traveller as she was reunited with her lifeline. 

45 minutes or so for 80 Mexican pesos each way and we arrived at the site of Coba. As you can see from the photos the ruins are set in a forest. This made it seem more of an adventure to visit and explore. Most Mayan pyramids tourists aren’t allowed to climb on in order to preserve them however at Coba you are allowed to climb Nohoc Mul otherwise known as the Great Pyramid. This is where all the tourists congregated. But there were other ruins to visit- I walked between them and some of them were a 15 minute walk or so between each site.

 Many of the other ruins I had all to myself…I will let the photos speak for themselves.

I really enjoyed the adventure of exploring the Mayan ruins of Coba and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Mexican Riviera region. After I had seen everything I wanted to see I had some soup as I waited for the bus. Avocado, tomato, fried tortilla strips and cheese. It was actually really good- all the cheese melted yum. When I returned back to the hostel I was exhausted, and in my half dead state left my purse, sunglasses and cardigan on a table. I then showered and pretty much went to sleep. 

I woke up this morning panicking as to where I had left them. But the karma points I had gained earlier from handing in the phone came back to help me and one of the workers at the hostel had put them away safely. Ah! 

Today I am off to dive dos ojos!!! More about that in my next post!

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