My five most popular blog posts of 2017, and where this will take my blog in 2018…

I started my blog in April of this year, and on the final day of 2017 its interesting to view the statistics as to which posts have been visited the most. It definitely wasn’t what I would have expected…


  1. Surprisingly my most popular post was nothing to do with food, drink or travel- the three things I most commonly blog about. Instead it was this post entitled ‘how to communicate with British women’. I know from experience that guys need (a lot of) help in this category, so lets hope they take heed of the advice given! Maybe I should set up a dating advice section on my blog, (or not given my dating history – the less said about that the better..)


2. My second most viewed post was this one entitled ‘The Philippines. The most overrated destination of 2017?’ This also surprises me, as I expect posts selling the virtues of a destination to be more popular.


3. In third place was this post offering practical advice for Dubai residents entitled ‘What’s Dubai Silicon Oasis like to live in?’ 


4. Fourth on the list was this one– ‘Backpacking in Beirut Lebanon, where to stay, what to do, travel tips and much more‘. The title in this post gives a lot of detail, and perhaps is the reason it outperformed other travel posts.


5. In fifth place was this post ‘Get your daily nutrients in one quick and easy meal – healthy vegan Thai curry recipe’. With veganism one of the big trends of 2017 it isn’t unsurprising that this made the list.


So, why haven’t my other travel posts outperformed those above? Probably because the travel blog market is so highly saturated, and with high quality writing, amazing photographs and people who do it for a living with sponsorships.

Will these statistics influence the direction my blog will take in 2018? Well yes and no. I blog because I enjoy it. I love travel and definitely will be blogging about travel next year. But maybe I will take a different slant on the content I write about…

I will certainly be focusing on Veganism in January as I plan to participate in ‘Veganuary.’ More on this soon…

I also plan to continue to blog about life in Dubai. Now I have lived here for two years I have a lot of useful information to offer, particularly to those visiting for the first time or thinking of moving here…

So, altogether I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging in 2017, and setting up this blog was one of the best decisions I made this year.

Hope you enjoyed it too, have a great NYE and a fantastic 2018 🙂



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Hi, I live and work in Dubai. I enjoy getting out and about and seeing what Dubai has to offer, travelling in my holidays and spare time – prepare for blog posts about this, and cooking vegetarian recipes. I am passionate about travel and animals.


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