5 travel tips for Mexico City

Travel Tips, Mexico City.


Tip 1. Getting around the City:

Metro: For larger distances the best way to get from one district to another is by using the Metro. The city is huge and using the Metro cuts out the traffic jams and congested roads slowing you down and polluting the air. It’s also great value at five pesos for any journey- simply go to the ticket office ask for a ticket and you’re away! Stations have maps on the walls but I suggest to check your route beforehand – either from a paper or online map so you don’t look like a clueless tourist!

Important tip- I’ve heard of many personal stories of people getting pickpocketed on the Metro, and unfortunately even females getting molested. In peak hours in the main carriages you are squashed up against each other like battery hens. In order to reduce this risk if you’re female ensure you use the women and children “mujeres y ninos” sections on the Metro. Look out for the signs. Sometimes it’s just a partition on the platform and sometimes there are seperate escalators to use to access this. I’m grateful for being told this as otherwise I wouldn’t have realised. They are safer- it’s not that women don’t commit crimes (although let’s be real men do commit more crime statistically) but they are usually a lot quieter giving you more room to protect your personal space and belongings.

I also suggest not wearing a backpack on your back. Shift it to your front. I like to keep my important personal belongings such as cards and passport in a money belt which I wear under my clothes around my waist. I keep money in a cross over shoulder bag with a zip which I keep my hand on when in busy places. Remember a lot of these pickpockets are merely opportunists and by taking simple steps you can minimise your risk of being a victim quite considerably.

For shorter distances you may consider hiring a bike- there are stands all over the city. Just be careful cycling on the busy roads!

Tip 2. Try the amazing food.

Mexico City is famous for its culinary scene. Numerous people told me the best food is to be found on the street at street eateries and stands such as taco stands- just follow the crowd and eat where everybody else is eating. Make sure you choose a busy place and somewhere that isn’t leaving out its ingredients in the sun or to the flies. I personally enjoyed the overpriced but trendy Mercado Roma and felt the hygiene standards were high here- placed in the quirky Roma district you can get a wide array of fusion foods and also a drink to have with it. Not to mention the ice creams and sweets!

However, I did end up being accosted at a random stand and getting barbecued cauliflower!

Tip 3. Enjoy roaming the residential districts and parks:

Wander around the residential Condesa and Roma areas for coffee, food and a safe and pleasant atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the Parque Mexico and Parque Espana – it was nice to have some green space in the midst of such a busy city. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people were walking dogs –  just people and dog watching was an activity in itself! The Parque is surrounded by many coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. I enjoyed a coffee at Aimee’s cafe and a falafel wrap at Falafelito which I took to the park to eat whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

Tip 4. Learn about the history of Mexico:

If you enjoy visiting museums then you’re in luck as Mexico City has a multitude of amazing museums. I’ve heard particularly good reviews about the Frieda Kahlo Museum (a display of her art) and the National Museum of Anthropology (giving a deeper understanding of Mexican history). However, bear in mind most museums are closed on Sunday and Mondays. I was only in Mexico City from Saturday night- Wednesday morning and I personally wasn’t in the mind frame for museums on the Tuesday – I simply wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and relax.

Tip 5. Indulge in the Coffee culture:

There are thousands of cafes to be found all over the city. Simply sit at a coffee shop to people watch. You will see some interesting sights and characters whilst indulging in that delicious Mexican coffee or hot chocolate! I particularly recommend Mexican hot chocolate (chocolate caliento). It’s intense and simply delicious!

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