My top five things to do in Rio de Janeiro 

Top five things to do in Rio de Janeiro


Ola! Which is hello in Portuguese! Tip one: learn basic Portuguese before coming to Brazil, (obrigado = thank you), I promise it will make your life so much easier..

My top five things to do in Rio de Janeiro..

1. Get the cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain and to Christ the Redeemer..

The views over the city are breathtaking and unmissable. I actually preferred Sugar Loaf Mountain to going up to see Christ the Redeemer which was much busier. although still worth going to for views over the city (and to see one of the iconic world’s seven wonders of course).

2. Drink an Acai berry juice. This is the nicest tasting fruit I have ever had and apparently it’s packed full of health benefits too! Super refreshing for the hot weather!!

3. Go people watching at Copacabana beach:

It’s not the beach for a secluded swim or a relaxing sunbathe, in fact it’s jam packed full of people, which is actually why I loved it. The people watching here is insane – from the giant surgically enhanced bums and boobs to the men working out even in the extreme heat. It is babe paradise for both genders and also highly entertaining!! The beach itself is huge, sandy and I was impressed despite hearing some negative comments about it from others.

4. Go to a real samba bar, dance like crazy and drink Caprinhas. This drink actually isn’t to my liking but you’ve got to try it!! Basically run, sugar and lime- you won’t need many to feel erm legless/fruitcaked/mangoed.. whatever you want to call incredibly drunk. And if you don’t drink then dance, dance and  dance!!

5. Watch the sunset at Ipanema beach. This is a stunning setting and incredibly romantic. It offers fab views of the sunsets and you will see plenty of loved up couples snuggling up watching it.

little further South..

If you have extra time I highly recommend a few nights at Isla Grande island. An island to the south east of Rio.

We got a bus and then a speedboat which was a bumpy ride but took about 15 minutes compared to the ferry which took much longer. It’s a very chilled island with some lovely beaches and walks. Great for a relaxing holiday!!

I hope you enjoyed this mini guide to some of Rio’s highlights! It’s a wonderful city to visit!!

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