Pancake Day!

Ah pancakes always take me back to childhood. I always used to have mine with sugar and lemon juice yum. I still remember the first time I had them with golden syrup – my Nanna wedging open the metal tin of Lyle’s with a spoon! Ah that first taste and I was in heaven. I always begged for golden syrup after that, or ‘treacle’ as my Nanna called it!

Brings back childhood memories!
The pancakes were huge – filling a dinner plate, and with huge globs of syrup oozing out the side as it folded over! Now of course pancakes are much more fancy with stacked American blueberry pancakes and honey, maple or agave is the syrup of choice over the traditional golden syrup.  Even the golden syrup now comes in a squeezy tube rather than a metal container. I still prefer the traditional tin of Lyles syrup. More nostalgia than anything else.

Drowning in syrup- the way I like it!!
I do love these new fancy versions, but I always crave the simple pancakes of my childhood. The large crepe with lemon and sugar, or loaded with golden syrup.

Pancakes for me were never confined to pancake day. They were a breakfast treat or an evening supper. Even now I often make them as they are so easy to make. And I don’t measure anything – I literally shake flour in a bowl, add a free range egg or two, mix them together until they are a smooth consistency and then add water or almond milk gradually until I get the consistency I want.



If I want American style pancakes I use almond milk, more flour and baking powder and sometimes sprinkle a few blueberries in the mixture. I cook them in a little oil (not lard like my Nanna used!) until they bubble up on one side and then flip them over (with a flat spatula- I’ve never managed the flipping technique!)

How do you guys like your pancakes? Simple? Fancy? What are your favourite flavor combinations?!

Yum sugar and strawberries with fresh lemon juice over.

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