Review of Freedom Pizza delivery service in Dubai. Guilt free pizza for vegetarians, vegans and the health conscious!

I’m not prone to ordering takeaway pizzas. I just don’t often find them particularly enjoyable, and can stick one in the oven from the freezer that’s get just as good, not to mention cheaper and healthier (and only takes 10-15 minutes!)

But I had heard good things about Freedom Pizza for a while and their local, sustainable concept stood out to me as something different from the usual heart attack in a box types.

Being a vegetarian, the usual pizza options for me are margherita and funghi, which is a little boring to say the least. However, Freedom Pizza offers much more interesting and imaginative flavour combinations. You can also construct your own pizza, from the sauce type (red, oil, BBQ, buffalo) to the extensive toppings including herbs to an array of cheese toppings, theres even a vegan cheese option!! Pretty cool!

Freedom Pizza recently had a promotion whereby if you download their app and place an order, you get a free small pizza! This was the perfect opportunity for me to test out their services. I ordered a few things, a small Mother Earth pizza, a small beetnik pizza, cheesy ‘breadstixx’, potato wedges and tiramisu. 

I placed my order on their app which is very easy to use and redeemed my free pizza from the wallet. Once I’d submitted my order and address details the app gives you an estimated delivery time- mine arrived slightly before this- perfect! It also arrived hot!

I was instantly drawn to the beetnik pizza and wow this really delivered on both appearance and taste! It is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted and this is no exaggeration. Firstly it has my favourite combination of goats cheese and caramelised red onion- mmm. But it also has other interesting additions like fennel, parsley and beetroot! It is so unique and tasty. I will definitely be ordering this again. 

The Mother Earth pizza felt very healthy with lots of veggies on! It was nice and very colourful, but not as tasty or unique as the beetnik in my opinion. 

I ordered both pizzas on a ‘skinny base’ and this base was perfect- sometimes a thin crust can resemble hard cardboard but this didn’t. It is a healthy wholemeal type base though, so if you’re a big fan of the soft, floury, doughy crusts this might not be for you. However, the ‘skinny’ crust really allows the flavours of the pizza toppings to shine through. Plus going for the thinner base meant I felt comfortable not over stuffed. A guilt free pizza! What could be better?!

The Mother Earth pizza:

The potato wedges were okay but a little dry. However you do get a sauce with them. The garlic cheesy breadstixx was basically cheesy garlic bread – nice enough but nothing groundbreaking!

Yum beetnik pizza and wedges..

Having a sweet tooth I like to round off my meals with a dessert. Usually with pizza I wouldn’t have room and would feel so stuffed. However, the lighter skinny bases of these pizzas meant that I could find room to delve into the cutest pot of tiramisu I have ever seen! 

I didn’t have high expectations of this when I ordered this online, it was a bit of a random pick, but when I saw the product I was glad I had. As soon as I unscrewed the lid I was hit with a strong scent of good quality dark chocolate- yum! I knew then that this was one of my better decisions! The presentation was perfect and dainty- a perfect portion satisfy my sweet cravings. 

So overall I’m extremely impressed with Freedom Pizza and will definitely be ordering from them again! 

My star picks were the beetnik pizza on a skinny base along with the tiramisu. I will be saving that as a favourite in the freedom pizza app. They also have vegan dessert options including a vegan cheesecake for those who are dairy free. 

So overall a very successful takeaway pizza experience! Have you tried freedom pizza? Let me know what you recommend from their menu! 

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