Review of McDonalds veggie burger meal

Of course in an ideal world I’d never eat from a fast food chain. My body would be nourished solely with freshly squeezed beetroot and carrot juices and quinoa salads… 

But, whether it’s due to cost, convenience or cravings I do indulge in fast food. But but you’re a vegetarian I hear you cry!! Yes I am, and believe it or not McDonalds do a veggie burger and it’s a pretty decent one too!! Of course they also serve salads, but I don’t go to Maccy Ds for a salad – I go when I want those lovely fries and a burger!  Before going veggie a good old cheeseburger and fries was always one of my favourites, (especially after a night out!) My meal of choice was a quarter pounder meal. And when I can’t resist Maccy D’s, usually after a few drinks, luckily I can still cure my cravings with their veggie burger meal…

And yes I know that in the bigger picture they aren’t exactly ethical or animal friendly. But a veggie burger is making a better choice. Not a perfect choice by any means. But a better choice. I don’t want to restrict myself so much being veggie that I shun it altogether. I want to be able to go out with friends and be able to eat something. And the more people who choose veggie options, the more companies will cater to their customers needs. 

Here’s what I ate…

So what is in the veggie burger?

The exact contents depend on the country you’re in. But generally a blend of veggies or chickpeas. 

According to the website for the UK:

And the UAE answering a customers query:

I’m based in Dubai and the veggie burger I had included peas, carrots and potato. It was delicious with a crunchy coating, topped with iceberg shredded lettuce and mayo in their seeded bun… They even deliver to your door, but I opted to walk the five minute walk- surely I’ve burned off all those calories right?!

So overall if you’re at a McDonalds and craving a cheeseburger but trying to stay veggie, then order the veggie burger!! And even if you’re not then give it a try- it’s honestly really good!! Don’t give in to those cravings, and once you’ve tried their veggie burger you won’t look back! I would choose it over that quarter pounder any day of the week! It was too hot to get it today but their coffee is actually really good too! 

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