Review of Q43 brunch – the brunch that lets you lie in!

After thoroughly enjoying the ladies night at Q43 ,I decided it was time to sample their brunch. Their selling point is that it starts a little later than most brunches allowing you to lie in, and this week it was even later at 7pm due to Ramadan. It was also one of the few places still offering an alcohol brunch during this period. It is one of the pricier brunches at 350aed for the alcohol package BUT this month it was on the entertainer at buy one get one free- so in reality 175aed each and we definitely got our money’s worth!
Our view… you could also see Atlantis and the Burj al Arab. On a clear day/night you can also see the Burj Khalifa.

The brunch wasn’t a get up and serve yourself, each course was brought to your table by a very friendly member of staff. She also made sure our drinks were regularly topped up- having one particular person assigned to our table meant that our drinks were never empty and empty plates were taken away promptly. I can’t fault their service it was impeccable. 

The drinks on offer included around five different cocktails as well as a range of spirits, beers and house wines.. not bad!! I highly recommend the passionfruit martini if you have a sweet tooth although be warned they slip down so easily!

Course one was a variety of starters/appetisers, including squid rings, hummus, chicken wings, battered prawns… all in all a decent selection.

The main course although great form on vegetarians didn’t offer a vegetarian main dish- only sides of fries, potatoes and some veggies. This I was a little disappointed with as out of the four main dishes I feel one of them should be vegetarian. I therefore could only pick at the sides and felt a little left out. 

Finally, the range of desserts were small but tasty, the chocolate brownie was very rich and tasty! And accompanied by the sweet passionfruit martini it went down a treat!!

After the brunch we made our way over to the bar and dance floor area and had a great night staying until closing time and chatting to other people all who seemed in good spirits!!

Overall I highly recommend this brunch, and if you’ve got the entertainer app then even better! 

Plus points- beautiful views of the city, fab service and a good range of drinks including cocktails! 

The only point to improve would be that Q43 adds at least one vegetarian main course to their brunch offering. The way it is served means that any vegetarians will be sat without any food/very slim pickings which is a little unfair on us non meat eaters. 
But overall I would definitely suggest you go ahead and check it out for yourselves!

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