South East Asia highlights in photos..

My main trip to South East Asia took place back in 2008… way before instagram and selfies and camera phones and iPads and smartphones. To take a photo I had to use an actual camera. Just getting it out of my bag or lugging it with me involved a fair bit of effort. To email home I had to find an Internet cafe. Travel was less about getting the perfect picture, less about thinking what other people will think, and more about being present in the moment just travelling for the travelling.

I have so few photos of this 2007 trip and earlier trips in comparison to the more recent trips I go on. These days I seem to take about ten of the same shot, most I never look at again, then the best will make it to social media. I find a lot of travellers these days are not going for adventure or to escape the modern world, they are going for the purpose of enhancing their profile. This was made all too clear when I recently visited the Philippines and there were people and I’m not joking spending soo long not looking around them but getting their perfect instagram worthy picture- one couple were doing the now very unoriginal ‘follow me to’ style photos, and it was ridiculous- she was putting sand on her bum, posing a million different ways, then they’d check it and start all over again. I honestly think that was their sole purpose for the trip. Not to see or enjoy or absorb it, but to show off, to create an instagram page. I miss the days when people just travelled for the sake of travelling, whether it was to ‘find themselves’, escape reality, for adventure or to simply meet new people and see new things. 

Anyway, here are some of my 2007 photos from my Olympus camera…no filters, no edits and certainly no selfies!!! 

Halong Bay, Vietnam 

Halong Bay during the day..

The most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen were on the island of Borneo..

And watching the orangutans play was a delight..

Stilt walking along the rice terraces of Vietnam..

I loved the trip to the Taman Negara rainforest in Malaysia which I found out about from fellow travellers on an overnight train in Vietnam…

Of course I can’t miss out the stereotypical Thailand boat view…

Photos are precious, but the moment and the memories of being in that moment are much more precious. Don’t miss out on your moments by being behind a lens. 

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