Starting my Mexico trip in Cancun 

I started my six weeks travel in Mexico in Cancun simply due to availability and price of flights from the UK, not because I wanted the typical inclusive resort style holiday.

I just finished work so decided rather than upping and leaving after my ten hour flight, I’d stay for a few nights and so booked a three night stay in Mezcal hostel. I chose it due to decent reviews and the fact it included breakfast and dinner. It seemed to be a social place with its own bar and I thought it would be a good place to exchange travel stories and get some tips on where to head next. Plus it’s proximity to the main bus station (the ADO) was a major plus as I knew I’d be heading onwards via bus. 

The hostel was okay- I selected a girls only room and it was very clean and nice and included an attached bathroom (but round a corner so you didn’t get disturbed by people using it). Each bed came with its own plug socket – always a winner!!

The hostel isn’t in the best area but it is a short walk from public buses. The R1 bus will take you to the hotel zones where you can access the beaches and shops. The hostel even take a group to the beach each day. The other guests seemed to love this but I felt like I was on a school trip or something. The next day I just used the public transport and explored on my own.

To be honest I wouldn’t really recommend this hostel for seasoned travellers. Most were young, fresh faces and hadn’t done much or any travelling before. If you’re on your gap year and wanting a hostel where you can meet similar people (usually doing the Central America route) and want to go out and party then this is the hostel for you. Each night a rep tries to sell you tickets for various nightclubs. I didn’t partake mainly due to the cost – anywhere between 20 and 70 usd… erm sorry I thought it was a backpackers hostel?!?! They even had some cringy games which I didn’t partake in… seemed more appropriate to a Magaluf 18-30 style holiday to be honest. Somehow many of these backpackers did seem to stump up the cash each night for these fancy nightclubs,  but there again most were at the start of their trip and could probably ask mummy or daddy to bank transfer more cash when necessary…the hostel was fine but I just didnt meet many characters or crazies like you usually do when backpacking.. I did meet a few nice people though, and the barman Nico is a sweetie as long as you don’t try and pay him in US dollars or large bills! (He will refuse to serve you!) But the cocktails were beautiful! 

Put it this way, one or two nights in this place was definitely enough, most people are here for the nightlife and don’t even manage to emerge for the breakfast which is a really good omelette yum! Get up for it!! I was definitely ready to move on to my next stop- Cozumel to do some diving which is where I am now…more about that in my next post!!!

I enjoyed starting my trip close to these beautiful beaches overlooking the Caribbean Sea though! Wow look how clear the water is- absolutely stunning!!!

Any recommendations for the rest of my Mexico trip?! 

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