Suhoor at Scape restaurant, Burj Al Arab. 

Ramadan is a great month to explore those amazing hotels and restaurants that usually would be (well for the likes of me anyway!) out of my price range. However, Ramadan brings many amazing iftar and suhoor packages at some of the finest restaurants in Dubai!

I had never been inside the Burj al Arab so had a look at their Iftar and Suhoor deals on their website and came across Scape restaurant– a more casual offering in comparison to some of their more luxurious and opulent restaurants. 

Scape is a fairly new restaurant and is actually outside the Burj al Arab on the terrace. It is a glass fronted building with outdoor seating as well. The menu includes tapas style offerings, seafood and is described as ‘Californian fusion cuisine’. I emailed the staff and I received a fairly prompt response giving me the details I asked for including the Suhoor set menu for 150aed. I booked a table for 8.30pm..

We pulled up to the Burj al Arab at around 8pm giving us a little extra time to explore the hotel before our 8.30pm reservation – I love this beautiful building, especially at night when it is lit up.

Once we walked inside we were suitably impressed by the lobby which is the star of the show. You are faced with a beautiful water feature which has escalators to the side by an aquarium… 

As you get to the top of the escalator there is another water feature/fountain  which is quite spectacular. 

Make sure to look up…

We walked along to the lifts and told the guy operating the lift where we were going, he sent us to the ground floor and we were greeted by some ladies who led us outside to Scape restaurant put on the terrace. The waiters were very helpful and explained the options after setting down some dates and baklava. 

We selected the set Suhoor menu which consisted of juices and three courses. 

The starters were surprisingly extensive and filling consisting of dips such as hummus and baba ganoush, various pastries and a lot of bread. Maybe it was the heat but we were already so full after sampling the appetisers…

We were then given a choice of manakeesh or chicken shawarma. I needed a cocktail to cool me down! I went for a cocktail which was like a mojito but with a base of gin, and my friend went for a fruity tropical style cocktail. Cocktails range from around 75aed-150aed. 

After the mains we went for the traditional Um Ali dessert. An Arabic bread and butter type pudding. 

I was going to go for shisha- they had some more unusual flavours such as cappuccino and cherry, but I was feeling too full and tired… maybe next time!

Overall I was very impressed with Scape. It’s a great way to see the Burj in a more casual setting. I will definitely return, next time when it’s cooler as the outdoor area is really nice. The staff were very attentive and the food was simple but good. For the Suhoor it was a little bread heavy- a lighter salad option would have been a pleasant addition. In summary it’s a great way to spend a relaxing evening whether you’re after a few drinks, some food or to smoke shisha you will feel at home here..

And it’s lovely to enjoy the close up of the Burj… 

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