The best apps to download before you travel 


Never get lost again with This app is so handy for travellers. Before you set off download the maps you will need. You will then be able to use the map offline- so useful for when you have no wifi or data connection! Whether your taxi driver is lost, whether you’re lost or if you’re hunting out local restaurants this app is perfect. You can also ‘pin’ locations- e.g. Hotels/hostels, restaurants or bars so you don’t forget them! It will calculate your walking, cycling and driving route times too!

2. Hostelworld and

These apps are great for searching and booking hostel’s/hotels on the go. They’re also useful for when you forget the address of your hostel! Not that I’m speaking from personal experience honestly!! 😝😝

3. Google Drive

We all take photos on our phones but need somewhere to upload the photos just in case our phone gets lost or even stolen. It happens. Some use Facebook but be aware this considerably reduces the picture quality. A great alternative is google drive- all you need is a google account (will take minutes to set up if you haven’t already got one) and you can quickly upload your photos, share then with family and friends and create albums.

4. Kindle

Rather than bringing along a load of books which would take up too much space and weight, I downloaded the kindle app to my phone and made sure I saved the books on my device so I don’t need wifi to read. My iPhone 7plus screen is large enough to read on, saving plenty of room in my bag for other things. Very useful for those long bus journeys and I can always download new books as I go!

5. Shazam

Dont you just hate it when you hear a ‘banging tune’ haha but have no idea what it is or who sings it?! This is where Shazam comes in. Just press the button and Shazam will pick up the song, so that you can later download it and listen to your hearts content! Then when you’re back home you can be reminded of those great travel memories!

What are your favourite apps for travelling?

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