The best hummus and  falafel in Dubai?!

Where to get the best hummus and falafel in Dubai…

After visiting Beirut and Jordan this year (see my posts Visiting Beirut…  and Ten reasons you should visit Jordan ) my opinion of hummus has been transformed.

What I used to view as the bland, grainy, lunch option sold on UK supermarket shelves to the health conscious middle classes, my mouth now waters at the memory of the smooth, tangy hummus I tasted in Beirut and Amman. There the hummus was drizzled liberally with rich olive oil, and topped with pine nuts, garlic and herbs.

The first time I had this sort of hummus was in Beirut, and wow… there was no going back from then. The hummus I was used to in England, although enjoyable, paled in comparison. Similarly in my recent visit to Jordan, I also enjoyed the rich hummus and crispy falafel freshly cooked to perfection on every street corner. And bonus- its a great source of minerals and protein for a vegetarian! With so many Lebanese and middle eastern restaurants here in Dubai it’s easy enough to get my fix.


Operation Falafel…

One of these places that gives me that hummus and falafel fix when I need it is Operation Falafel It offers clean and hygienic food. It not only has a number of cute eateries, including one at Kite beach – one of my favourite places to watch the sunset in Dubai, but also delivers for those days I’m too tired to leave my sofa. And the delivery service is speedy too.

Order online..

Yesterday after a hard day’s work, I became all consumed with a craving for hummus and falafel. I opened my zomato app, and placed my order before I’d even reached my front door. I ordered a hummus platter, spicy potatoes and stuffed falafel. This came with about ten pieces of soft pitta bread! Far too much for one meal, but left me enough for lunch the next day, maybe even the day after that!


What to order…

Although they have a few specialties, they don’t veer far away from the standard hummus and falafel. I highly recommend their stuffed falafel which has inside it finely chopped red onions and is covered in sesame seeds giving it that extra crunch, and of  their rich, silky smooth hummus. Their falafel sandwich is ideal for a light bite.

So next time you’re craving hummus or falafel be sure to give Operation Falafel a try! Is it the best in Dubai? I’m sure that title goes to some random hole in the wall in a back alley in Deira, but until I can find it then yes it does.

And if anybody knows of any other places I can get my fix, please let me know! Whether that’s in the U.K. or Dubai!

Where’s your recommendation for the best hummus and falafel in Dubai?

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Operation Falafel: The best hummus and falafel in Dubai
Operation Falafel: The best hummus and falafel in Dubai

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