The wonders of Uyuni Salt Flats

We arrived into the rather dire town of Uyuni which reminded me like a dusty town from an old Western movie, I literally did watch tumbleweed blow past at one point!!

In other words book your salt flats tour as soon as possible if you haven’t already!! Upon arrival I chatted to some other backpackers who recommended Quechua connections as they had safer vehicles and drivers than many others, and also knew the best spots and would take a slightly different route so you weren’t at the locations the exact same time as the other tour groups. It felt a bit more personal. 

I have to say I didn’t have any complaints about them at all and when my friend got altitude sickness they helped as best they could giving her various natural remedies like cocoa tea! 

Our first destination on the trip was to the old train cemetery where a load of old trains were dumped and left to rot in the elements. I’ll be honest, when we were told we’d be going there I can’t say I was interested in the slightest, however when we got there we had free rein to clamber over these steel structures which made for some amazing photos and a lot of fun! However, there’s also something a little sad about these once great, magnificent trains which carried minerals now left to rust under the blazing sun and intense winds..

We then moved onto the actual Salar de Uyuni- the salt flats. A natural vast expanse of the largest salt flats in the world. Once a prehistoric lake, now the water has evaporated leaving behind over 10,000 square km of salt. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and unique. The salt glitters in the sun and it feels rather surreal. Such an amazing natural wonder.

After taking photos, enjoying the scenery and watching the sunset we then went to our salt hotel! Yes even the beds were made of salt! A little like a salt igloo!

We had a drive out on the evening to stargaze. The sky is incredibly dark with no light or air pollution, and the stars are abundant and bright. 

Word of warning out in the depths of the salt flats the temperatures get very cold! Come prepared!! You will need fleeces and scarves trust me! Those alpaca jumpers bought at the Sucre stalls came in very handy!

The next two days were spent visiting amazing lagoons, rock formations, volcanoes, geysers and seeing the flamingos! I won’t say too much as the photos speak for themselves…

What I loved about this trip was it’s simplicity. There was no Disneyland style entertainment. In fact there was no forced entertainment, just the beauty of our natural world. 

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