Top five sights in Peru

  1. Machu Picchu – Talking about stating the obvious, but even so it would be criminal to visit Peru without visiting this ancient wonder. I recommend not simply getting a train up, but to take one of the original Inca routes such as The Inca Trial, Lares Trek or Salkantay Trek. The scenery and challenge of the journey just make that moment of seeing Machu Picchu enshrouded in cloud which lifts as the morning passes all that more magical Read about my experience on the Inca trail here

    2.  Pisac- A beautiful small village set in the sacred valley of the Incas this is a perfect destination for some time away from civilisation. It is a very spiritual place, with many retreats and ceremonies such as ayuascha and san pedro plant medicine treatments. I stayed in the beautiful Paz y Luz centre described as ‘a haven for travelers and seekers from around the world to rest in the refined energy of the Sacred Valley surrounded by powerful mountains and to offer opportunities for healing, balance, restoration and transformation.’  I can’t agre  more with this description of this magical place. I came when I was feeling rundown, low on emotional energy and coming here was a very special experience. I met such interesting people, practised daily yoga, healed my body and mind through healthy food, yoga, massage, meditation, conversation and plant medicine. It was exactly what I needed and remains one of my most treasured and memorable experiences of my entire life.

    3. Paracas- A small town by the sea, this is a perfect destination to ‘get away’. It acts as a  jump off point to the beautiful Ballestas islands which are home to wildlife such as penguins, dolphins and sea lions.  It is also a great destination to hire a bike and explore the surrounding Paracas National Reserve Paracas National Reserve for beaches and sand dunes all to yourself.

    4. Lima- This city gets a surprisingly bad rap. when I visited I didn’t have high expectations, quite the opposite, however I actually really enjoyed my time here. If you’ve recently been in a modern city you might not be greatly impressed, but after roughing it for a few months, Lima might be just what you need to stock up on supplies, enjoy the modern shopping malls, watch the para-gliders over the beach, enjoy the food and drink and maybe watch a film or two at the cinema.

    5. Mancora- Ok, the main attraction of this destination as a through route to Ecuador is the Loki hostel– basically a party hostel. I met so many backpackers here and had such a fun time that although culturally it is lacking in attractions, I had such a fun time I couldn’t miss it out. I also celebrated my birthday here and on my birthday my friend and I went on a turtle swimming trip – this was incredible and I highly recommend it. We were the only two on this trip and swimming with the giant sea turtles was unforgettable – what lovely creatures!


    Note: I have heard amazing things about the rainforest regions of Peru from fellow travellers and bloggers such as this post. Anybody else googling flights to Peru right now after reading it?! I also really wanted to go to Iquitos however on this trip I didn’t have time to make it. But if I did I imagine it would have been one of my  top choices. However, I did spend time in the Amazon basin in Peru and Ecuador. Read my blog post about my experience in the Amazon basin in Bolivia.

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