Tulum- the ruins and the Sun

So my first morning in Tulum I woke up with an awful, awful hangover (those free hostel cocktails seemed such a good idea at the time argh). My idea of getting up to see the sunrise was not going to happen. I woke up feeling groggy at around 9.30am, managed some fruit but couldn’t finish the egg and set off on a bike to the ruins! 

The hostel I’m staying at provides free bikes for guests. So okay the bike I have is too big for me, and the brakes don’t work, (yes I almost got killed as I cycled downhill) but hey, can’t complain if it’s free right?!

So off I tootled down to the ruins- around a ten minute bike ride from my hostel. I didn’t bother with a guide, and instead just decided to wander around on my own, catching snippets from other tours as I walked by. I was surprised by how busy it was. I had envisaged having the ruins largely to myself but that definitely wasn’t the case. The iguanas were pretty cool though! They were everywhere!

After the ruins I then headed to the beach or the ‘playa’. See my Spanish is amazing haha. 

I was now feeling a little worse for wear and curled up under the shade of a palm tree in a semi dozing off state. I stayed there around an hour.


When I returned I realised that I hadn’t put sun cream on the bottom of my legs- I had worn trousers which reach a few inches above my ankles, and apparently I had also missed my chest too- hence bright red patches of sunburn- ouch!  Slapped on copious amounts of after sun, and I retreated to bed for an early night. There was a dramatic thunderstorm which was pretty cool to see the flashes of lightening and heat the torrential rain. 

Today is a little cloudy (which me and my sunburn are actually happy about!) so I just decided to cycle into town get some food and drink and information about buses etc. I want to find some food and drink that doesn’t cost a fortune- on the main strip are definitely gringo prices! Its inevitable to get charged a little more than locals but it really annoys me when they charge four or five times the local price or more. I travel not to have a piece of the UK but in the sun but to become immersed into the local culture, and that is so difficult especially in the tourist towns where they just see you as a walking ATM. Well I think my scruffy clothes and well worn backpack don’t exactly make me look like a rich tourist but simply being white doesn’t help! Tulum is also now a bit of an instagram place for the western yogis and so on. 

There are more juice bars and organic cafes than taco bars. Well on the main section anyway- as always heading away from the main streets is a better option for cheaper local food. Speaking of food that’s what I’m going to search for now! 
Hasta luego Amigos…

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